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We’ve developed the Net Loyalty Score, a powerful metric designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive understanding of customer loyalty and how it compares to industry benchmarks.

Since 2019 we've done 70+ loyalty measurements using Net Loyalty Score

Extensive analysis of all NLS measurements reveals a key insight: true loyalty emerges at a score of +30 or above. Interestingly, the highest recorded NLS was +62, while the lowest was -60. This vast spectrum highlights the diverse range of customer experiences and underscores the importance of targeted strategies to cultivate stronger brand loyalty. 

Why you should measure customer loyalty

Comparison with competition & markets benchmark

Find out what is important and what matters for your customers

Overview of the level of loyalty of your customers

Summarized evaluation of your loyalty initiatives

Let your customers have a voice by empowering feedback

Get information for strategic decisions in loyalty sphere

Net Loyalty Score Framework

Net Loyalty Score (NLS) is a data-driven metric that gives your company a clear picture of loyalty variations across different customer segments. By assessing the responses to questions related to each loyalty domain – Appreciation, First choice, Emotional loyalty, customers and segments are assigned the NLS score from -100 to +100 and categorized as either loyal or cold. 

This categorization allows companies to understand the situation of their companies’ loyalty and identify the weakest domain that requires targeted attention to enhance overall loyalty.

Start again

Crowd of random disloyal pedestrians
  • Find right customers
  • Improve customer experience
  • Build trust & registrations
  • Create a new loyalty strategy from scratch​

    Warm up

    Bunch of cold transactional shoppers
  • Deliver motivating reward
  • Elicit desired actions
  • Earn customers’ loyalty
  • Revamp the loyalty strategy​


    Cohort of positive & interested customers
  • Appreciate repeat customers  

  • Foster positive word-of-mouth
  • Motivate to participate
  • Innovate the loyalty strategy​

    Keep pushing

    Fanclub of loyal & enthusiastic members
  • Delight brand ambassadors

  • Provide VIP treatment

  • Create a sense of belonging
  • Keep the program profitable​

    It is further enhanced by three more metrics

    Share of Wallet ​

    Share of Wallet shows the averted side of customer loyalty. It’s a crucial metric in customer loyalty measurement, providing insights into the extent to which your company holds a customer’s purchasing power. It quantifies the percentage of a customer’s overall spending that goes towards yout company.

    Loyalty Program Evaluation ​

    Assessing the performance of a loyalty program relative to industry benchmarks provides valuable insights into its strengths and weaknesses. By comparing the customers’ perspective on loyalty program’s qualities, your brand can identify areas for improvement and opportunities to enhance the program’s effectiveness.

    Termination Snap Test

    Results of the Termination Snap Test give insight on the impact the loyalty program and state of mind of potentially affected loyal customers. This can help your company understand customers’ reaction to changes, and the subsequent changes in purchase behavior as a result.

    Customer loyalty in numbers

    80 %

    of profits come from loyal customers

    10 %

    of additional revenue only through good work with retention

    20 +

    years of experience managing customer loyalty

    Benefit from using Net Loyalty Score

    Net Loyalty Score is a reliable benchmark that assesses the state of loyalty of the customer base within the market and the industry.

    Results correlate with real behavior of customers, which has been compared to and verified by the analysis of real transaction data. 

    Net Loyalty Score compares the behaviour of different customer groups, countries or brands, and their evolution over time. 

    Loyalty Express methodology in nutshell


    Collection of data from customers


    Analysis and interpretation


    Closing loyalty strategy workshop

    Loyalty Express cuts through the guesswork. We leverage real customer data to deliver a comprehensive loyalty measurement in just 4 weeks. This means you’ll have actionable insights faster than ever, allowing you to foster stronger customer relationships and drive long-term growth.

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